Dreams and Dream-like Experiences: Their role in spiritual emergence processes

by Darlene B. Viggiano, Ph.D. (MFT) 

Explores dreams, dream-like experiences (DLEs) and spiritual emergence processes. This title focuses on those processes defined by the Spiritual Emergence Network as ones marked by difficulties with psychospiritual growth. It exemplifies experiences showing the prominence of dreams/DLEs during the spiritual emergence processes of the participants in a study devised by Dr. Viggiano.


The book identifies, interprets, and validates hermeneutically the role of dreams and DLEs. It demonstrates that dreams and DLEs during spiritual emergence processes generally symbolize and point toward the processes themselves while providing specific roles and functions such as healing, guidance, instruction, connection, revelation, summoning, and animating/enlivening. It further shows that their role/function includes helping dreamers know and understand their phenomenological experience regarding the spiritual emergence process.


In this sense, such dreams/DLEs may help answer questions including: What kind of being am I growing into? And what capabilities and capacities are developing within me and reaching outward toward manifestation?

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